Media & Entertainment

Sarantitis Law Firm has been actively involved in media law. Our firm services several media clients, including major broadcast network affiliate associations, TV broadcasters, satellite carriers, radio stations, newspapers & magazines, as well as internet portal & vortals. The firm has also gained significant expertise through advising several entertainment and multinational advertising companies, as well as a number of artists.

Our media & entertainment group has provided advice on the acquisition of various media corporations, their operations and compliance with the complex Greek regulatory regime. We have represented those clients before the Radio-TV National Council, the Ministry of Press & Media as well as the competent Courts / Administrative Authorities. Modern products of the media & entertainment industry, such as internet gambling, lotteries, interactive advertising, pay-per-view systems, radio-webcasting, voice-over-ip (internet telephony) and mobile (wap) gaming also form part of our expertise.

Special reference must be made to the group's practice in the context of defamation lawsuits, where we enjoy great reputation and hold a great record of wins.