Maillis S.A.

Sarantitis Law Firm, is advising the Greek Multinational Industrial Group M.J. Maillis S.A. on all aspects of its legal affairs and in connection with more than ten foreign jurisdictions.

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New Proton Bank

Sarantitis Law Firm represented New Proton Bank in a €400m claim against 28 major shareholders of the former Proton Bank, now under liquidation. Team headed by Theodora Monochartzis.

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Casino Loutraki

Sarantitis advised owners in respect of a new equity investment following the financial restructuring of the Casino. Team headed by Dorotheos Samoladas

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Casino Rodos

Sarantitis advised QLI Group in respect of a restructuring agreement of Company's debt, with its lending banks. Team headed by Dorotheos Samoladas

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ISO 9001 certified

Since 2017, Sarantitis Law Firm is ISO 9001 certified.

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Sarantitis Law Firm participated in project initiated by DG ENER/Directorate General for Energy of EU

Sarantitis participated, through its Energy Practice, in a high profile and material in scale project that has been initiated by DG ENER/Directorate General for Energy of EU. The question DG Ener set to be answered by all European jurisdictions was “Do current regulatory frameworks in the EU support deployment of innovation and security of supply in electricity and gas infrastructure?”.

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IT & E-Commerce

Sarantitis Law Firm is particularly strong in the e-Commerce & IT sectors, given our involvement in a number of major internet law cases and contracts that have marked the development of the market in the Greek emerging economy.

The firm actually holds a leading position in providing high expertise in drafting and negotiating successfully a full spectrum of e-commerce and IT projects. Our partners and associates are well versed both in technological issues involved and terminology, thus being always in a position to understand the needs of any technology project concerned and, as a result, provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

The firm foresaw the inevitable growth of the e-Commerce and IT sector and has set up this dedicated group of lawyers, as from the mid 90s, when we were asked to establish the first Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Greece and offer legal assistance on several subsequent content / license agreements, whilst ensuring that all regulatory and privacy issues are dealt with effectively.

Currently our e-Commerce group of lawyers advises clients ranging from NASDAQ listed multinationals and Greek hi-tech leaders to start-ups.

The broad scope of our services covers advising on content development and licensing, technology transfer, domain names' disputes, privacy release, online financial services, e-banking, digital signatures / authentication in the context of online contracting, defamation, internet auctions, taxation as well as the majority of contracts involved in the traditional B2B and B2C joint ventures and transactions.