White Collar Crime

Criminal process against corporations and their officers has increased notably over recent years.

Sarantitis Law Firm has great experience and provides a wide range of services in defending individuals or companies against allegations of wrong doing in a variety of complex criminal investigations and trials in substantive areas such as breaches of business trust, financial, employment, social security, claims, conspiracy, environmental offences, insurance fraud money laundering, negligence, bad faith and other allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

Our white collar crime lawyers are experienced litigators, who are familiar with the handling of highly sensitive matters. Several cases of such nature, have ended in a successful result, without even becoming a matter of public knowledge.

According to the nature of each given case, our white collar crime lawyers put together a team consisting of specialist attorneys in the relevant field such as securities, finance, fair trade or tax. They also advise corporate clients on their compliance with business ethics and oversight programmes and, significantly, on the steps that a company needs to take in order to minimize the threat of criminal exposure.